Q: Is your site secure?

A: Yes. As you’ll notice in your browser’s address bar we are secured with SSL  (https:). Additionally all payments are currently processed through PayPal, which is also an extremely secure platform.

Q: What apps do you support?

A: We utilize tapiriik, which is an open-source platform that currently supports Garmin Connect, Runkeeper, Strava, TrainingPeaks, SportTracks.mobi, Endomondo, RideWithGPS, TrainAsONE, TrainerRoad, Motivato, Velo Hero, Epson RUNSENSE, Dropbox, and Smashrun.

Q: What devices do you support?

A: Pretty much any device that tracks your mileage, time or calories through a supported app.

Q: What motivated you to create this business?

A: In January 2017 I was running a 1/2 marathon and suffered Sudden Cardiac Arrest as I was about to cross the finish line. My heart stopped and I was saved by a few heroic bystanders that performed CPR on me until the paramedics arrived and were able to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) to shock my heart back into beating again. I wanted to find a way to give back to others, and as someone that has a passion for both exercise and giving back, I thought this would be a great way to combine both passions and provide a more meaningful way of life for me and my family.


BTW, I also learned CPR as soon as I could…and if you don’t know it you should too!

Q: How do I know 100% of my donations are all going to charity?

A: That’s how we roll! Our mission has always been, and will always be, to never dip into your donations to fund the business overhead.

Q: How do you pay for the business overhead (IT services, salary, marketing, etc.)?

A: We intend to fund the business overhead through corporate sponsors, private donations and optional advanced pay services.

Q: What do you do with excess profits after the business overhead is covered?

A: We donate 100% of our profits back into charities. Each month we will host a Facebook Live random drawing from our list of supported charities and donate profits to that charity. That charity becomes ineligible to win again for 6 months to ensure the distribution is fair.

Q: What qualifies as exercise activity?

  • Run
  • Bicycle
  • Swim
  • Ski
  • Gym Workout
  • CrossFit
  • Yoga
  • Walk
  • Hike
  • Surf
  • Paddleboard
  • Row
  • Climb
  • Pilates
  • Sports (football, hockey, etc.)
  • Pretty much anything that gets you moving

Q: How do you collect my money, and how often?

A: We use PayPal or you can optionally enter a credit card for automatic collection. We will likely collect monthly or provide a choice on frequency (TBD).

Q: Can I pause/stop my contributions?

A: Absolutely! Anytime you wish to stop contributing, simply do so through the app, website or Contact Us. This can be effective immediately or at a set time of your choosing. You can resume donations at any time, the same way

Q: I also donate directly to other charities; can I manually enter these so that my year-end reporting is more comprehensive?

A: We do offer the ability to do this with our paid premium service. You would still need to maintain your own receipts/records for those donations for IRS requirements, we simply allow you to record them. With the free service you can generate a report with donations made through Move4Charity only.

Q: Why does the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association (SCAA) charity have a 10% “suggested donation” automatically selected?

A: The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association provides life-saving education and awareness to the importance of AEDs and other Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) related programs. Everything they do supports the programs that helped save my life. They also provide survivor support.

Q: What if I wish to change the suggested donation amount to Sudden Cardiac Arrest Assoc.?

A: You can simply change your percentage to something more desirable for SCAA. We realize that everyone has causes that are important to them, CPR & AED awareness are very important to me and the only reason why I’m here today and Move4Charity exists. SCAA does extremely important work educating & promoting awareness as well as supporting SCA survivors.