After suffering Sudden Cardiac Arrest and being rescued by heroic bystanders and EMS on January 15, 2017, I decided that I wanted to give more back to others, or “pay it forward” as one of my rescuers suggested. While recovering and trying to discover my new self, I dusted off a document called ‘business ideas’, which my wife had encouraged me to create a few years earlier so I could keep track of all the crazy ideas that I kept pitching her. One of them immediately jumped out at me as a business that could be adapted into a nonprofit and has the potential to ‘pay it forward’ in a big way.

I started Move4Charity with the goal of combining two things I truly enjoy, being active and helping others, to create a fundraising platform that has the potential to raise millions of dollars for charities. Transforming the way traditional charitable giving works, the service will automate and drive donations based on our members’ exercise activity logged through their existing devices and applications.

There are several key principles that I want to stick to:

  • Make sure every dollar donated goes directly to the charities
  • Allow members to set caps on max donation $ per month/year
  • Make it fun, motivating and interactive
  • Provide donation matching capabilities
  • Provide a way to support CPR and AED awareness
  • Support any other good standing causes
  • Be financially open and transparent